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Robbin' the Hood

  • Distributor - MCA
  • Year - 1994
  • Quantity Produced - Gold (500,000)
  • Formats - CD, LP, CS, DD
  • Recording Method - Studio 4-track
  • Quality Grade - Studio


The 2nd major album by Sublime, it's quite rough around the edges. As stated on the cover, the entire album was produced and recorded on a 4-track mixer. The reasons for this technique aren't known for certain but many believe it was in an effort to prove that Brad's musical influence wasn't affected by 40oz to Freedom's limited success. Others think it may have more to do with his increasing heroin addiction, referring to the fact that most of the album was recorded in a Long Beach crackhouse (aka: STP). But don't let that fool you; many fans regard this as some of Sublime's best work which tends to grow on you over time.

Track List

  1. Waiting For Bud
  2. Steady B Loop Dub
  3. Raleigh Soliloquy Pt. I
  4. Pool Shark (orig)
  5. Steppin' Razor
  6. Greatest-hits
  7. Free Loop Dub
  8. Q-Ball
  9. Saw Red
  10. Work That We Do
  11. Lincoln Highway Dub
  12. Pool Shark (acoustic)
  13. Cisco Kid
  14. Raleigh Solioquy Pt. II
  15. STP
  16. Boss D.J.
  17. I Don't Care Too Much For Reggae Dub
  18. Falling Idols
  19. All you Need
  20. Freeway Time In LA County Jail
  21. Mary
  22. Raleigh Soliloquy Pt. III
  23. ...

Lyrics are available here.

"Wisdom" is available here.