Discography: Bootlegs


  • ID# - none?
  • Distributor - GP Records
  • Year - 1996?
  • Quantity Produced - 1000 (individually numbered)
  • Formats - CD (2-disks)
  • Recording Method - SBD
  • Recording Quality Grade - A-
  • Recording Venue(s) & Date(s) - Everett, WA - November 14th, 1994



This CD was one of the first professional bootlegs available and the fact that each was hand numbered 1-1000 made them an instant collectible. The recording is of above-average quality and Bradley & the boys are in great form with some unique styling to many of the songs. A handful of covers round out an excellent disk.

Within, the insert reads the following:

In November of '94 Sublime came to Everett for a full night of high energy and high spirited music. As I picked them up at the airport, carrying nothing but a guitar, a bass, a timbali and a good buzz, I knew Brad, Eric and Bud had come to play. Bradly sang all the way from the airport to the show and never stopped singing all night.

This recording is just 90 min. of a very long and enjoyably strange evening. Completely recorded live this is not studio quality, however all the magic of Sublime's improvisation and non-stop live show is all here.

The best way to listen to this is Start to Finish

Track List

    Disk 1
  1. Don't Push / Right Back / New Thrash / Work That We Do
  2. 40oz. To Freedom
  3. House Of Suffering
  4. tuning song
  5. Badfish
  6. M.T.M.(Leaving This Babylon) / We're Only Gonna Die
  7. Let's Go Get Stoned
  8. Poolshark / P.S. Reprise
  9. tuning song
  10. S.T.P.
  11. Drink Break
    Disk 2
  1. Loser
  2. Scarlet Begonias / What I Got '94 version
  3. Mystery Dub (World of Inflation & DJ's)
  4. Saw Red
  5. Greatest Hits (extended version)
  6. Jailhouse
  7. 5446 / Date Rape
  8. Ebin
  9. Bradly Improv (Youth Are Getting Restless / Romantic Girl)
  10. Romantic Girl (Winston Reedy Cover)
  11. tuning song
  12. My Age
  13. Slow Ride