Discography: Rare Releases

This portion of the Discography focuses on hard to find, official releases (demos, promos, singles, imports and vinyl records). All efforts will be made to include every last known item, but the list is LONG, and it is a work in progress. Most of the album covers only link to a larger image for now. Individual info pages for each album will be added as time permits.

Demos and Early Release Collectibles


c003 1990 - Made using recording time that Miguel had at CSUDH, Sublime's first multi-copy demo tape is simply titled "C003". The tape contained only four songs, and rumor has it only around 100 original copies were made. It featured green labels and a very distinguishable J-card cover drawn almost completely by hand (then photocopied) in black and white.

Jah Won't Pay the Bills

jah 1991 - Often considered the demo for 40oz to Freedom, "Jah" is a cornerstone for serious collectors as it is the very first official release by the band. Designated as "C005" on the tape (and "006" on the J-card), it was produced as a full album to be sold at shows (and any store that would buy it) to make money and promote the band. It is quite rare, estimated to be limited to around 300 copies which were sold almost exclusively in Southern California. Additionally, there exists another version of the Jah tape which has a black cassette (rather than clear) with red and yellow paper labels. Dubbed the "Rasta Jah" by notorious collector "GMAN"; yet this version's quantities and origins are not completely clear, nor the time frame when produced.

40 oz to Freedom: Skunk Records

40oz skunk 1992 - The first few pressings of 40oz to Freedom, released under Skunk Records exclusively (pre-MCA) were special, they had extra and un-edited tracks which were altered with MCA's instance, in most cases to remove samples which could have cost too much in lawsuits or licensing fees. But these rare, early versions had the full album as intended by the band. There were 3+ separate pressings by Skunk Records, identified by differences in the back art. The earliest version actually had no barcode. In addition, there also exists a rare early 40oz Skunk cassette which contained the only official release of the extended version of the final "Thanks" track.

Chiva Kenevil

chiva 1993 - This rare cassette, "Chiva" has been called the demo for Robbin' the Hood because it came out the year before and contains some of the same songs. Click the image for an example of an *authentic* Chiva tape, courtesy of Trey Pangborn.

STP Demo

chiva 1993 - This simply titled, yet very rare cassette, came around the time of Robbin' the Hood and, like Chiva Kenevil, contained a few of the songs from the main album (including Raliegh!).

Robbin' the Hood: Skunk Records

robbin skunk 1994 - As with 40oz, there was an early pressing of Robbin' the Hood, released by Skunk Records. There seemed to be at least two pressings like this, with and without a barcode. And once again we see some extra tracks and live material that was removed by MCA before releasing it to the mainstream.

Killin' It

killin it 1996 - WARNING: RUMOR, no evidence this ever existed beyond a traded bootleg which may have been falsely manufactured: Killin' It was really more of an "advance copy" than a demo for the self-titled; Sublime, because the band had sufficient popularity where a demo was unnecessary. Tragically, when Bradley fatally overdosed just prior to the official release the decision was to change the final name to "Sublime"; both from a marketing and respect standpoint. Due the timing however, a few limited copies of Killin' It were possibly created. This (cassette only?) album could be identified from the normal self-titled by the handful of additional live tracks included. These live tracks were 6 songs from the 04.10.1996 Boston, MA at Mama Kin show. (image shown is of planned artwork for the album but not necessarily what may have been included)

Second Hand Smoke Gift Box

shs box 1997 - When Second Hand Smoke first came out a limited number were sold as a Box-Set which included a t-shirt, bottle opener, a video, and of course the S.H.S. CD. Quickly snapped up by collectors, it's a difficult find today. In addition to this "box" set there was also a limited sealed set with just a tightly squished t-shirt and CD. Yea, marketing!


For promotional purposes there were many rare compilations released by Sublime, we'll list these here. If it does not say "promo", or "not for sale", or very obviously used for promotional purposes (no barcode) it won't be listed here.

13 Fluid Oz

13floz 1993-94 - There were at least 4 different versions of 13 fl oz, all released on CD. The first 3 versions had a cardboard sleeve (500 copies?) and the last had a standard jewel case (1000 copies?). The first cardboard version was standard, the second pressing may have been a radio-friendly version, and the last cardboard-sleeved version had 2 hidden tracks. In addition, a cassette version has been spotted, but is unverified as legitimately created by Skunk.

Raleigh Theodore Sakers

Raleigh Theodore Sakers 1995 - 35 very raw and uncensored minutes of the man known as Raleigh. This was a very rare promo-like cassette tape pretty much only given to friends of the band as its incredibly weird, and in some parts flat-out racist. Not exactly good press material to be given to the masses, it was probably just so damn funny/insane they wanted to share it with friends. And this is certainly why selected excerpts made it onto Robbin' the Hood.

3 Ring Circus Sampler

3 ring circus promo 1995 - This was a sampler cassette (not on CD) promoting the "3 Ring Circus" tour featuring Sublime, Wesley Willis Fiasco, and the Lordz of Brooklyn. A second hand quote about '3RC' from a former Skunk employee, "it was when we were at Gasoline Alley in Beverly Hills" ... "each little label, cutting them into pieces and then peeling the backs off and assembling them all" ... "those were a lotta fuckin' work!"

Badfish: 4 Track Promo

badfish 4 promo 1995 - Rarer than the 5 Track EP, this promo was released earlier, with a different "Gothic" font, and slightly zoomed out cover art. A very nice find for a collector.

Ebin: 3 Track Promo

ebin promo 1995 - (no barcode)

Date Rape: 4 Track Promo

DR 4 promo 1995 - (no barcode)

All You Need: 1 Track Promo

ayn promo 1995? - (no barcode)

Skunk Samplers

skunk sampler 1996 through 2000 - These were little samplers of several bands on Skunk Records. Usually they contained one to four songs by Sublime, then a smattering of other artists from Skunk Records. They were pretty much only available by calling Skunk, mail order or through the Skunk website.

  • Skunk Sampler '96 (white pool insert cassette)
  • Skunk Sampler Fall '96 (plain black insert cassette)*
  • Skunk Sampler '97 (photo insert cassette) (& alternate version with black insert)
  • Skunk Sampler Fall '97 (cd)
  • Skunk Sampler Spring '98 (cd)
  • Skunk Sampler Fall '98 (cd - two versions with different back art)
  • Skunk Sampler Spring '99 (cd)
  • Skunk Sampler 2000 (cd - no Sublime)
* - previously falsely(!) referred to as the '95 Sampler, but clearly the songs were recorded in 1996.

Sublime (s/t): Advance Copy

sublime ac 1996 - (no barcode / marked as advance copy) (large image needed)

Sublime (In-Store Play Only)

sublime isp 1996 - (no barcode / marked for in-store play)

What I Got: 4 Track Promo

wig 4 promo 1996 -

What I Got: 2 Track Promo (No Mo Fo Edit)

wig 2 nomofo 1996 -

What I Got: 2 Track Promo (Very Clean Radio Version)

wig 2 vcrv 1996 -

Badfish: 1 Track Promo

badfish 1 promo 1997 - (no barcode)

Doin' Time: 3 Track Promo

dt 3 promo 1997 -

Santeria: 1 Track Promo

santeria 1 promo 1997 -

Wrong Way: 2 Track Promo

ww 2 promo 1997 -

Wrong Way: Hit Version - Gold Disc Promo

ww gd hv promo 1997 - (image needed)

Jacked Hempfest Info Kit

jacked promo 1997 - (no barcode) An unusual, cassette only release by Radio Free Hawaii. It was the first "official" release to contain the Snoop Dogg remix of Doin' Time. The cassette, besides being "professionally" made, is of surprisingly bad quality. However it remains a very valuable collectible due to its rarity, and because of the Snoop Dogg inclusion.

Westwood One: On the Edge (Radio Show 96-36)

Westwood 96-36 1996 - (no barcode / radio use)

Westwood One: On the Edge (Radio Show 97-01)

Westwood 97-01 1997 - (no barcode / radio use)

Westwood One: On the Edge (Radio Show 97-19)

Westwood 97-19 1997 - (no barcode / radio use)

Westwood One: On the Edge (Radio Show 97-36)

Westwood 97-36 1997 - (no barcode / radio use)

Westwood One: Off the Record (Radio Show 97-29)

Westwood 97-29 1997 - (no barcode / radio use) Broadcast week of July, 14 1997. Includes 4 segments, 3 by the band Bush, and the last one by Sublime.

Second Hand Smoke: Advance Copy

shs ac promo 1997 - An advance copy of "SHS" was also available on cassette.

Stand By Your Van: Advance Copy

sbyv ac promo 1998 -

Bradley Nowell & Friends: Advance Copy

bnaf ac promo 1998 -

The Missing Shit

missing shit 1999 - (digital release) In what was believed to be some kind of "fuck you" to MCA, someone at Skunk (Miguel?) authorized the posting of the 3 main altered tracks from "40oz" (as opposed to the Skunk version) via the Skunk.com website as MP3s. While not rare (being digital) it's an interesting "release" by Skunk. The toilet paper spoof cover and back were also released digitally (only); Artwork was by then Skunk webmaster, Chris Watson.


Singles are commercially available releases with limited production runs. Singles, or "EPs", are usually short, just a handful of tracks, and produced in significantly smaller quantities than a full album. For simplicity, we'll also show import singles here, as noted.

Living in a Boring Nation: 5 Track EP

LiaBN ep 1995 - (Australian import?)

Badfish: 5 Track EP

badfish 5 ep 1995 -

Doin' Time: 4 Track Single

DT4single 1997 -

Doin' Time: 6 Track Remix Single

DT6single 1997 - (Sweden import)

What I Got: 7 Track EP

WIG 7 ep 1997 -

What I Got: 4 Track Single

WIG 4 single 1997 - (UK import)

What I Got: 4 Track Single

WIG 4 single aust 1997 - German/Belgian import shown. There is also an Australian import version that had a cardboard sleeve rather than the CD J-Card.


Imports listed here are LP albums which were commercially released overseas with reduced production and slightly alternate track lists from their North American counterparts. There is rarely, if ever, any previously unreleased songs not available elsewhere.

40 oz to Freedom: Import

40oz import 1996 - There seem to be at least two import versions of 40oz to Freedom (from Japan and Australia). They look similar to the Skunk Records version with the symbols on the side labels, but they more resemble the MCA version as they do not contain "Get Out" or "Raw Hide" and have the MCA versions of the other songs. The imports do however contain a couple tracks at the end that were not on the original US versions.

Robbin' the Hood: Import

robbin import 1996 - As with "40oz", there were two imports from Japan and Australia for "Robbin". Likewise, these imports have some variation to the track list from the American versions which occur at the end of the albums.

Sublime "Sun": Import

sublime sun 1995 - This odd import release contained songs from 40oz to Freedom as well as Robbin' the Hood. It features a grainy image of the 40oz "sun" cover art with black lettering and modified back art. The ironic thing is that it contains songs from Sublime's first two major albums yet has the name from the 3rd. This was certainly unintentional as it was released in 1995, prior to the mainstream self-tittled album was released. Often called the "Canadian 40oz" because it was originally a Canadian import CD, but later was also available as a UK import.

Special 2 CD Set: 17 Track LP + 6 Track EP

special 2 CD set 1997 - These were an odd set of imports; at least 3 variations are known (UK, Holland, and Australia). Currently unaware of what the difference (if any) between the three is.

International Only 6 Song Bonus CD

IO 6 BCD 1998 - This is another random import released in Australia and possibly many other locations by the sound of the title. Little else is known other than the 6 tracks it contains. (image needed)

Vinyl Records

There are vinyl records made for each of the "Big 3" as well as some other main releases, but those shall be listed in the main releases section and listed here will only be rare vinyl items, available only as such.

Date Rape: 12" Vinyl (Green/Clear)

DR 12 vinyl 1991 - Skunk Records: Clear = 2000 copies, Green = 300 The green vinyl was pretty special as it was really Sublime's 2nd actual release, coming between "C003" and Jah Won't Pay The Bills. The more common (yet still quite rare) clear vinyl was released a bit later.

Work That We Do: 7" Vinyl

WTWD 7 vinyl 1994 - Skunk Records, and made by Dave Noise of “Insta-Noise Records”. Designated as "IN 004" it was limited to 2000 copies (and 20 rumored "test pressings").

All You Need: 7" Split Vinyl

AYN 12 vinyl 1996 - Skunk Records, "Split" album with the Wesley Willis Fiasco band

What I Got: 12" Vinyl

WIG 12 vinyl 1996 - Skunk Records (a "black label" promo version also exists)

What I Got: 7" Yellow Vinyl

WIG 7 yellow vinyl 1997 - (UK import) Gasoline Alley/MCA, features What I Got and Rivers Of Babylon

Doin Time: 12" Promo Vinyl

doing time promo vinyl 1997 - Gasoline Alley/MCA, white label. Production said to be in the hundreds, this was made for use in clubs and by D.J.s

Doin Time: 12" Lou Dog Promo Vinyl

doing time lou dog promo vinyl 1998 - (UK import) Gasoline Alley/MCA, white/black spotted "Dalmatian" label/cover.

April 29th 1992 (Leary): 7" "Record Day" Vinyl

doing time lou dog promo vinyl 2009 - Skunk Records, production limited to 3,000 copies.

Random Shit

There are all kinds of shwag out there with a sublime logo on it, most of it probably not even endorsed by the band. So the only things we're going to list here are rare, sought after items produced as official promos.

3 Ring Circus: Animal Crackers

3 ring circus crackers 1995 - This is what it sounds like, a box of animal cracker snacks. Given as an odd, yet memorable promotional item to spur interest in the "3 Ring Circus Tour".

Badfish: Sardines

badfish sardines 1995? - Like the animal crackers, this isn't an audio recording of any kind. It's actually a fucking metal tin of sardines with a black and white label. A truly rare promo item that may actually still be edible, unlike other items in this category. Keep it in your fallout shelter, just in case.

40oz to Freedom: Beer

40oz malt liquor 1995? - An actual 40oz of malt liquor (Old English?) that was relabelled with a black and white logo reminiscent of the 13floz promo, yet instead reads, "Skunk Records, Sublime, Beer, 40 oz to Freedom". Another very rare promo, supposedly hand-made by the folks at Skunk Records (verification needed).