Wisdom... Here we've got a list of all the samples (meaning clips from audio not recorded by Sublime), references (identification of what really is being referred to), covers (the original artist that preformed this song, or part of it), and occasionally even a bit of trivia (aka STLE!) about a song.

If this is new info for you, you're going to notice Sublime had a lot of... Influences. Some might think Sublime copycatted, but let's see - most of the time they gave credit, and even when they didn't, Sublime brought this music to so many who never would have had the pleasure. In the end, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Think of it as an awesome way to learn exactly who influenced sublime and appreciate some obscure tunes you might have never experienced otherwise.

A quick tip for browsing the 'wisdom' if you are using most browsers: Hilight the text of a referenced song, then right-click it and select "Search the web for ..."
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It will open a new tab where generally the first result is a you-tube video of the song.

40oz To Freedom


Robbin' The Hood




DJ Funktual

funktual Here's a sweet lay-down of some of the best sublime influences in a highly entertaining video series by DJ Funktual. Check 'em out!

Rewind Selector

rs If you've come looking for the legendary Rewind Selector, you've come to the right place.