motor oil There isn't a thing in here that wasn't one time or another used on the Lincoln Highway.

I got a hundred and ninety-six different kind of oil cans.
...the electric toaster...

kill time


whale Down here at the Sublime STP, we are dedicated to the history: the samples, the influences, and the soul of the band Sublime! Some of the stuff we're into here is briefed below. Please enjoy your visit!


One of the most unique pieces of content here is the WISDOM section. First written long, long ago in an internet far, far away, it's updated and includes tons of new facts about all known sublime samples, references and various trivia within their main albums.

Rewind Selector

Thanks to all the good folks that created Rewind Selector you can now download this masterpiece here at the Sublime STP! If you've yet to experience this 102 track exploration into the inspiration of Sublime's music, wait no longer!

But wait, there's more...

In this secret little place where we hide there's a lot more. Including the most accurate lyrics, a very comprehensive discography, some detailed band information, and maybe some other song and dance. Don't see what you are looking for? Make a suggestion. Plus we've always got more planned so stay tuned...