Sublime is:

Brad Bud


  • The late, great Bradley Nowell (Texas) - vocals, guitars, percussion, B3 and SH-101, bass, and congas.
  • Eric Wilson (Cricket) - bass, standup, organ, percussion, vocals, congas, and SH-101
  • Floyd "Bud" Gaugh (Floyd-I) - drums, percussion and TD-7
  • The late, brave Louie - barks, growling, inspiration and such

Extended Sublime Family

  • Michael "Miguel" Happoldt (Overlord of Analog, DJ Spock) - sampler, guitar, vocals, piano, and organ, sonic manipulation, & co-founded Skunk Records with Brad
  • Marshall Goodman (RAS MG / Field Marshall / Yellow Lover) - drums (every bit as much as Bud!), turntables, and vocals
  • Opie Ortiz - artwork (and long ago, drum kit)
  • Jason Westfall - management, merchandise, started Martian Church & Cornerstone RAS (also Bud's brother)
  • Jon Phillips - management, now runs Silverback Artist Management
  • Kelly Vargas - drums, substituted for Bud & RAS MG occasionally
  • Greg Abramson (Groovy Greg) - video director, sound engineer, DJ
  • Todd Zalkins (Z-Man) - MC/rodie at Sublime shows and much more
  • Jack Maness - wrote Rivers of Babalon, helped sing it, and played guitar
  • Todd Foreman - saxaphone
  • Tim Wu - saxaphone
  • Trey Pangborn - friend and guitarist for the Falling Idols
  • Dave Cornblum - friend and member of Shave, owner of Blaster Web Services
  • James "Papa" Nowell - Brad's father
  • Kellie Nowell O'Reilly - Brad's sister
  • The late, brave Toby Dog - Eric's dog
  • The late, brave Matt Dog - Bud's dog
  • just about everybody else mentioned on the 40oz "Thanks" track.
  • more to come...

HC Fans

jah There are a TON of Hard Core Fans that deserve respect here as I see them all as a part of the extended, extended band; y'all earned a spot on this list. You've all contributed to the Sublime scene and even directly on this website. Thanks to all of you, too many to mention!!