Who the F are you?!

motor oil WARNING: There isn't a thing in here that isn't about me or this website, so read only if you are reaaaly interested to know more about Sublime internet history.

I'm nobody. I'm just another big fan of the band Sublime. I also happen to know a little about internet languages and coding. That, and I've been doing it for a long while... and I had a lot of free time back in college. That's when I learned most of what I (think I) know about Sublime.

I suppose one could say that the STP website existed wayback in 1994. Of course, it wasn't called that back then... It didn't even have a name other than just "Sublime". See, all collage accounts at my university came with an email and a public http folder where you could publish online. Just fooling around, I created what was arguably the first Sublime website. It was so lame. At that time it just had like some photos I'd found and tossed 'em together with some facts. Later, I started trading cassette bootleg tapes and had a discography of everything I knew existed (~1995). I even started sitting at my computer with a finger on the pause & reverse buttons of my cassette recorder to get some of the first lyrics for Sublime recorded onto the internet.

Things didn't get much better until 1996. That's when I got a "job" in a campus computer lab. That meant I sat at a computer helping computer illiterate people print and send email. But mainly I think my function was to make sure nobody stole anything. Well, to my surprise it was getting massive hits. I actually discovered I had the most popular student website at my college with the exception of some guy that was hosting pr0n against the rules. The key to this popularity turned out to be the message board I was able to code for it - those were actually incredibly rare back then.

Meanwhile, I got to know a guy that ran another good fansite ("The Sublime Hood" as I recall) that sprang up around 1995. Well he managed to find Michael Happoldt, talked to him face-to-face, and as I understand it - just laid it out... Something like, "Hey, Skunk.com looks like crap (and it did), how about I do the work on it pro bono for you guys?" And I guess Miguel went for it, he had nothing to loose. Well this guy was named Chris Watson and I'm pretty sure he still does work for Skunk today (I heard he works for parkthevan.com) and I know he also did image work on several related band's album covers.

Now, I bring up Watson because when he got the go-ahead to do Skunk.com he knew my website was probably the most popular and he wanted that for Skunk.com. Of course, that meant my message board and my recently implemented "Wisdom" section I'd been working on. He approached me about it and I was on board from the get-go. I thought it'd be great for all the fans and I was just happy to get in with Skunk.com on a semi-official level. And I mean, oooh - an actual domain name, that was the shit back then. haha

Anyway, we joined forces at that point, shutting down both our fansites and "moved-in" to Skunk.com. What followed was really excellent - he did most of the image work and got to talk directly with some of the people actually on payroll, figuring out promotions and writing up all the other Skunk band's pages (like the Ziggens, who rock). I was happy to be in charge of the Sublime section, Ďcuz that's where my motivation came from. I'd like to call that the Golden Age for Skunk, but I digress.

So, in 1998 I graduated from college and concentrated on my life out in "the real world". Deciding I didn't have time for it anymore really. Eventually relinquishing my portion back over to Chris W... I think the coolest thing I got for my time invested with Skunk was my name (amongst a hundred others) at the end of Stories, Tails, Lies & Exaggerations. Look for "Lucas STP" if you are really, really bored (for the curious).

A couple years later, maybe around 2000, I was feeling nostalgic and put my old website back on the 'net just because I wrote once something to the effect that I wasn't a fair-weather fan and would never take down my site. And there it sat, collecting dust getting nary a page view every few days. After all I didn't make any effort to advertise it or improve it.

But as time went on (in 2007) I got the itch to make this place look better, bring it up to date, and improve things where possible. I don't expect this place to be popular. I mean common, Sublime isn't all the rage with all the teen-age girls anymore - but that's kinda why I've gotten back into things a little bit. The point is, I am just making this for my own gratitude and as I type this, I'm halfway done and it's been a blast going through it all again. If anyone can experience some of this joy by coming here, that's the icing on the cake. I hope you did. =)

By the way, I (stupidly) write all my code in notepad still, which doesn't fix my horrible spelling. Old habits die hard I guess. Add that to the fact that I still don't have the time I used to in college and I don't know how much maintenance I'll be able to do but I'm trying to keep things updated once in a while. So, please let me know if you have any suggestions.

peace & thanks for reading this-
Lucas STP

kill time

Useless Ramblings

whale While making this website I had a lot of thoughts rolling around about my feelings about it, what I should include, what should be left out, etc. A lot of nonsense spilled out as well. In an effort to keep the layout clean I pealed it out of those places and was satisfied to drop in in here. If you can put up with a little more narcissism and would like to know more about the website and me, by all means, keep reading...

About the Wisdom pages

I am the original author of this "Wisdom" material no matter where you've seen it. I compiled most of this from my own knowledge and the wisdom of many other sublime fans from across the interweb. Then I typed it all into an terminal window running pico editor sometime around 1997. Furthermore, Anyone that says they discussed it first on some chat-board on skunk.com first is plain wrong because I wrote the code for those boards AFTER I wrote this info online. If you have a correction/addition feel free to inform me.

BTW, if you want to learn a whole lot about who covered sublime and who sublime covered, try searching for the bootleg "Rewind Selector" or "Sublime Redux". They've done a nice job of doing mash-ups with this stuff. Update: You can find it right here: Rewind Selector

Wisdom Sources (in approximate order of frequency):

Some thoughts on the Lyrics section

OK, so there are PLENTY of resources around the 'net for Sublime lyrics. Yes this is true. But I've decided to include lyrics on this site for one main reason: In all likelihood I'm the guy that typed most of them in for the first time on the internet (around 1995). Sublime was so inspirational and meaningful in my life I decided to sit there at my computer with the pause button and type in every line, letter by letter, into my old website. Then, all the lyrics sites and other fan sites snatched 'em up offa my page. (not that it bothered me)

Don't believe me? Try searching for the word "Arragence". I am the only person stoopid enough to spell "arrogance" like this. Here, I'll link it for ya. Notice anything? Besides the fact that I can't spell for shit. =) Anywhere you see "We're Only Gonna Die for Our Arrogance" spelled as "Arragence" you can pretty much assume they copy-pasted it from me or somebody else who had and they never bothered to fix it. You can still see my 2nd grade spelling skills on the archive of my old webpage here. That's just one example for ya. Check all the misspellings in the "40oz - Thanks" song on most websites, you can "thank" me for those too. ;)

So anyway, I've got some lyrics up here, my goal is to have them the most accurate, but I'm sure I'm bound to make 2 spelling errors for every one I fix so please bare with me. And hell, sometimes you can't really tell what Brad was saying exactly, leaving a lot up to interpretation.

And to give credit where credit is due, about half of the lyrics you find online were also lifted from The Sublime Spot. If memory serves, the guy there (Chris Carey) and I both wrote lyrics for them, thar internets; and we both probably jacked from each other backinthaday.

Media, specifically the images

I'm putting up my favorite images I was able to find online for you's the fans. Pretty much any artwork you see in relation to Sublime is going to be done by master painter and tattoo artist, Opie Ortiz. If it's a photo though, who knows where it came from really in this big WWW. I can tell you however that I am responsible for doing the vectorizing of all the stuff I have available like that. I hope you like it, I think it's a cool twist on the originals.

Advertisements and Google Ads

Sorry if you don't like the ads in various places around the site. I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't tell you to go ahead and install "Ad Block Plus" if you are annoyed by the stuff (I use it most of the time) and I'd agree the STP website looks better without 'em.

It is my hope that I can help offset the hosting fees with these things and so far it's not even covering half the expenses, but whatever; it's still fairly inexpensive. So just FYI, to clear up any potential misconceptions: I make zero profit from this site.

Update: thanks to reddit user No_Trouble_No_Fuss, we now have free hosting (DNS name reg. is super-cheap) and I am able to remove all the ads! Woohoo!!

Too hot for Google!

Apparently, Google and some other search providers frown upon (excessive?) profanity and because I had the below PsYCHo paragraph on the front page here they have been burring this page deep within their search results. Iím not one to cave to outside pressures but if no one can find this place, it sorta defeats the purpose of being on the internet. Anyway, I decided it wasnít important to me and took it off the first page and Iím hiding it back here. Will Google forgive the STP? Who knows? But maybe it playes in well with the "Secret" in S.T.P.?

Chapter 3 (1:14), Gospel of Raleigh

stp Let me tell you where you're at motherfuckers. You bought a fuckin' ticket and came in here. You thought you were gonna see a science fiction movie. Well I'll tell ya what you're gonna be. You're gonna BE a science fiction movie! It's called Science Friction. We're gonna burn some heat in your fucking head and give you a little sinew in your fucking brain. We're gonna remodel your neuronal structuring and unlock ya. We got your nuneric code.

We're the Gods, planets of Gods. And you cock-suckers will do what we tell ya to do 'cause we're from outer space. We ARE outer space you motherfuckers. You're invading private property; you're invading Heaven. That's what the void IS, there's NOTHING in here motherfuckers! You're just thinkin' there is. You enter here and you're fucking shit, you've entered Hell you cocksuckers 'cuz everything reverses.