Discography: Main Releases

This portion of the Discography focuses on Sublime's mainstream releases.

The Big 3

During the course of Sublime's career 3 main albums were released.

40oz to Freedom

40oz 1992 - This album was the first commercially available. It gained popularity after the song Date Rape became the most requested song on California radio station KROQ. Early versions pressed by Skunk Records contain several additional tracks and samples which needed to be removed for legal reasons prior to MCA Record's distribution.

Robbin' the Hood

Robbin' 1994 - The 2nd major album by Sublime, it's quite rough around the edges. As stated on the cover, the entire album was produced and recorded on a 4-track mixer. The reasons for this technique aren't known for certain but many believe it was in an effort to prove that Brad's musical influence wasn't affected by 40oz to Freedom's limited success. Others think it may have more to do with his increasing heroin addiction, referring to the fact that most of the album was recorded in a Long Beach crackhouse (aka: STP). But don't let that fool you; many fans regard this as some of Sublime's best work which tends to grow on you over time.


40oz 1996 - This was the last main album released by Sublime, and the most commercially successful. Even though it was technically released after Brad died, it was 99% finished prior to his death. In fact, Brad died during a pre-release tour of sorts. Prior to that point the album was scheduled to be called, "Killin' It". But producers decided that the title was in bad taste after Bradley died and the album was changed to the self-titled work we have today.

After Effects

After the death of their lead singer, Bradley Nowell, Sublime's work continued to be released posthumously to the mainstream at the beckoning of their fans. After all, there was plenty of rare and unreleased material available. In addition, there is still ample marketable value in releasing "best-of" and similar collection-type albums. These will be listed here.

Second-hand Smoke

SHS 1997 - The first album released after the active end of Sublime. It contained many previously (officially) unreleased demos and rare early works from the band.

Stand by Your Van

SBYV 1998 - This album was mostly recorded live to 16 track tape at Komotion, a warehouse/performance space in San Francisco's Mission District in September 1994. One of the better live recordings found it's a worthy addition to any fan's library.

Sublime Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends

BNaF 1998 - Probably the roughest official release from Sublime, this is basically a live performance by Bradley on a random night. However it really exceeds in being unique to other recordings as it's preformed exclusively acoustic. Most tracks are are just Brad displaying is raw talent on guitar and vocal. It's biggest shortcoming being some dolts talking too loudly in the tiny venue. An oddity about this album is that it has no cover, just a clear case displaying the CD which is spoofed as a bootleg CD-R.

Greatest Hits

Hits 1999 - The first in a series of "Greatest Hits" style collections. No new material, just a collection of good songs by the band. Good for the person looking for just a particular song or perhaps an introduction to Sublime I suppose.

20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Sublime

BestOf 2002 - Another small collection of "hits". Basically the same as "Greatest Hits", if you want that and can't find it, get this. Otherwise you may only want this if you are a serious collector who's got to have them all.


Gold 2005 - This 2-disk set is a nice collection of some of Sublime's better songs. No new releases but great for someone looking to get a lot of bang for their buck, or as a gift for someone who doesn't have any of their regular albums.

Everything Under the Sun

EUtS 2006 - Finally Sublime fans get an excellent box set. This project contains 3 CDs with 20 songs apiece and full length DVD. It's chalked full of rare and unreleased tunes, as well as a bunch of covers and live performances. Most of which could only be found previously through bootlegs with potentially lowered quality. Some of the tracks were completely new, even to collectors. A person can amass an awesome collection of Sublime music by simply owning the 3 main albums and this box set.

Best of Sublime: Green Series

Best Of: Green 2008 - Yet another single-disk "best of". This time it has the word "green" attached to it. Nothing new here. I suppose there is always a market for these as gifts or as new people find out about the band.

Commercial Videos


Sublime 2000 - The first marked video released in relation to Sublime. Originally on VHS, now available on DVD it's basically a collection of some of Sublime's MTV videos. Well done though, if that's what you are looking for.

Live '94-'96

Live '94-'96 2001 - A collection of live shows and video outtakes. Assembled from a variety of bootlegs available at the time but well produced and organized with the best recordings available.

Stories, Tails, Lies, and Exaggerations

STLE 2002 - Directed by Josh Fischel (formerly of the band Bargain Music), this is a very well made and researched documentary about Sublime containing a ton of new footage and interviews with Sublime and friends. Highly recommended to the bigger fans out there.

Everything Under the Sun

40oz 2006 - Same release as above but noted here to indicate it contains a DVD portion.