Discography: Bootlegs

Sinsemilla '86-'96

  • ID# - none?
  • Distributor - Discos La Revancha
  • Year - 1997
  • Quantity Produced - 2000
  • Formats - CD
  • Recording Method - Studio/SBD
  • Recording Quality Grade - A+



Made in Long Beach and under the guise "Discos La Revancha" which translates to revenge music/disk, this CD was actually a project coming directly from Sublime. Attributed mostly to Miguel, Bud and Eric; the Sublime crew were getting shafted by their recoding contract with MCA after Bradly passed away. Before MCA could get their hands on this bulk of early and unreleased demos, the guys decided to release it themselves under a fake company. As the name suggests, this was done mostly as revenge to spite MCA. The few disks made only a little money for the band, but stole any thunder MCA would have had to release the content first.

As for the content, it's a little rough compared to full production studio albums because the tracks were recoded with significantly lower budget and were not intended to be the final cuts. But, when taken as a huge cache of unreleased material from a band that could never create new songs, it's absolutely incredible. The music shows more of the truly profound lyrical content which really made Sublime special. Buckets of raw emotion and feeling flow through the songs within.

Track List

  1. Intro/Fighting Blindly (04:27)
  2. Romeo (04:31)
  3. Ebin (04:14)
  4. New Realization (02:22)
  5. Roots of Creation (04:25)
  6. Don't Push (Original) (03:48)
  7. Ball & Chain (03:37)
  8. Slow Ride (04:25)
  9. Had A DAT (03:29)
  10. Perfect World (02:21)
  11. Freestyle (Johnny Too Bad) (02:02)
  12. Trenchtown Rock (01:38)
  13. Dub Medley II (Babylon Stone) (04:11)
  14. Minor Threat (02:07)
  15. What I Got (Demo) (02:41)
  16. Garbage Grove (02:11)
  17. Foreman Freestyle (03:03)
  18. Saw Red (Acoustic) (02:47)
  19. Outro (00:22)