Discography: Rare Releases

Raleigh Theodore Sakers

Raleigh Tape'
  • ID# - none?
  • Distributor - Skunk Records
  • Year - 1995
  • Quantity Produced - around a dozen
  • Formats - CS
  • Recording Method - Mic
  • Recording Quality Grade - A


30 or so very raw and uncensored minutes of the man known as Raleigh. This was a very rare promo-like cassette tape pretty much only given to friends of the band as its incredibly weird, and in some parts flat-out racist. Not exactly good press material to be given to the masses, it was probably just so damn funny/insane they wanted to share it with friends. And this is certainly why selected excerpts made it onto Robbin' the Hood.

Written inside the J-Card: This tape is some of Raliegh's last hours of freedom. We know not where he came from or where he is. This tape is the ravings of a lunatic. Sexist, racist, but very funny. Take it like that. Don't take it seriously or you might end up in the PSYCHO TANK!!!

Track List

  1. Chop 1 (Side A) - non-stop rants
  2. Chop 2 (Side B) - non-stop rants

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